How to make the perfect cup of tea

  1. Preheat your teapot or cup by filling it with hot water and leaving it to stand for a few minutes. We love the Brights teapot range for adding sunshine and a smile to your brew.
  2. Aerate your water by running the cold water tap for a few seconds before filling your teapot or cup. Oxygen helps the flavour to develop.
  3. Tip: Use bottled or filtered water in areas that have poor quality tap water.
  4. Use one teaspoon of loose tea or one teabag per normal-sized cup or per person if using a teapot.
  5. Tip: some people recommend adding an extra spoon of tea ‘for the pot’ but this isn’t essential.
  6. Don’t let your water boil for too long and never re-boil your kettle with the same water, always replace with fresh water.
  7. Use the right temperature water for your type of tea and pour over the tea leaves ensuring that they can move freely in your cup or teapot.
  8. Brew for the correct amount of time depending on the type of tea.
  9. Stir the tea then pour into a preheated cup if using a teapot. Price & Kensington has a wide range of bone china, porcelain or stoneware mugs so you can find one to suit your style.
  10. Add milk if required and serve.
  11. Tip: If you like strong tea, don’t steep for longer, instead add more tea.